Advanced AR-DRG Grouper

AR-DRG Grouper
Platocode AR-DRG V10 Grouper: IHPA accredited and blazingly quick

AR-DRG V7 - V10

The Platocode AR-DRG grouper can perform V7 - V10 grouping.

Written by AI

The Platocode AR-DRG Grouper is written by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analyzes the IHPA specification to deliver highly optimized routines.
As a result, the Platocode grouper delivers outstanding performance that absolutely matches the IHPA spec- and Platocode customers can expect very timely updates whenever revisions are needed, e.g. if IHPA issues a clarification.
This also means that if a customer needs a very early or custom AR-DRG version, the Platocode grouper can deliver as long as there's a formal IHPA spec for the AI.

No Database

This grouper contains all required data and metadata in its executable and link library files. There's no database or other dependencies to maintain.

Server Edition

The Server Edition is designed for heavy batch grouping or real-time event grouping by other systems. This version can handle HL7, XML, comma-delimited or other input file formats for any number of events- though 32-bit files are limited to around 10 million Events per file.
In single mode the Server Edition can process hundreds of group requests per second, delivering effectively an instant response for calling systems.

Personal Edition

This version is designed for installation on a PC for use by one person at once to group small numbers of Events. Data can be entered directly or via the same input specifications as the Server Edition.
Once satisfied with the displayed data, the user can click Group to group the results which are displayed in a grid. Then results can be saved to a range of output formats.

Rapid Installation

Both versions are designed for quick deployment, with office personnel or coders generally able to install to their PC in minutes so that grouping can start immediately.