Codectomy coding workstation
Codectomy leverages coder expertise to optimize results

Codectomy: a premier coder workstation

Codectomy is a coding tool that displays multiple datasets and advisories in customizable panels, making full use of powerful modern PC hardware to update the display in real time, as the coder works.

Panels include e-book entries, ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes, event and patient data, logs, comments, effects on DRG or WIES and recommendations for optimal results.

Experienced coders can reposition panels to make full use of available screen real estate and to reflect the coder's preferred workstyle.

Included: Reactive AR-DRG Grouper

"Reactive" means that as the coder works, Codectomy displays AR-DRG for each edit along with advisories on sequencing or known comorbidities that change DRG. This matters because an ICD-10 code that yields a higher value for one DRG can have zero effect on another, especially under AR-DRG V10 with its millions of DCLs (Diagnosis Complexity Levels). This Codectomy feature helps coders focus on cc/mcc that definitely affect care complexity for this episode.

Included: Reactive e-Book

Similarly, the reactive e-Book panel means the coder can see an ICD-10 code's official volume content including exclusions and notes at a glance. This is achieved by converting the IHPA's HTML5 and CSS ICD-10 volumes into compressed metadata so that any part of documentation comprising thousands of pages, is instantly visible.


Busy clininicians may not always document all co-morbidities. While good coders will check prior episodes and may have access to physician queries to allow capture of missed cc/mcc, Codectomy automates this process by reviewing a patient's prior health record. This includes episodes that may not have been coded, or that were coded in a different coding version. Codes that affect DRG are highlighted so coders always know where to focus valuable time and resource.

Encoder Interfaces

The Platocode company has interfaced to prevelant encoder products since the 1990s. Codectomy checks the PC for registered encoder products and if a compatible encoder is found, an Encoder button is displayed for coder use. This allows coders to make full use of advanced Encoder features while enjoying the interfacing and reporting options provided by Codectomy.